• Enterprise Social Search slideshow

    Enterprise Social Search is a way to search, manage, and share information within a company. Who can help you find relevant information and nothing but relevant information? Your colleagues, of course | View | Upload your own Today we are launching at Whatever (the company I work for) a marketing campaign for our upcoming product: […]

  • git commit / darcs record

    I’ve been working wit git lately but I have also missed the darcs user interface. I honestly think the darcs user interface is the best I’ve ever seen, it’s such a joy to record/push/pull (when darcs doesn’t eat your cpu) 🙂 I looked at git add –interactive because it had hunk-based commit, a pre-requisite for […]

  • Megaphone Applet

    Today, I finished hacking together a ‘person’ applet, using – of course – Telepathy and the excellent Empathy’s libraries created by Xavier Claessens. While I’m at it, you can read more on telepathy and empathy in my GUADEC 2007 talk (also see my pictures on flickr). Here’s what it looks like: The right-hand panel contains […]

  • Graduation

    As of friday, I shall be referred to as “Ir. Raphael Slinckx” 🙂 The 2007 promotion (I’m the guy with the red jacket). Note the geeks. Especially our teacher that looks like Clint Eastwood ready to shoot someone. Antoine and me with the AILv price. We ended in 4th position for the best mémoire that […]

  • Election Day

    Today was election day in Belgium! It turns out that my area uses the electronic voting, unfortunately I can only hope that WYSIWYV !

  • Google Summer Of Code

    Summer of Code I’m mentoring two students this year for the google summer of code: Daniel Siegel Daniel is going to implement some kind of photobooth application for GNOME. There has been some buzz around the idea lately. I believe that the idea if done well could really be a mini-killer-application. There is also some […]

  • Let’s take pictures!

    This wednesday our local louvain-la-neuve LUG (louvain-li-nux) will participate to a student fair showcasing all activity groups present in the university. We had the idea of creating a photo booth stand where people can stop by take a picture by pressing a button and then send that picture on a dynamic website or on a […]

  • My Christmas present: Gossip Audio/Video

    Gossip has now video/audio capabilities ! Coming soon in your favorite distribution. Notes: In reality I’m handsome, the weird face is due to the camera’s angle The black square is actually the video preview frame where you see yourself (but it can’t be screenshotted) The meters aren’t working yet If no video is possible, then […]

  • Scandinavia ♥ Tux

    Tivoli, Copenhagen

  • Ubuntu Developer Summit 2006 – Mountain View

    This is an instance of internet’s Jono’s infamous Beer Bottle Dance just for you ZOMG!!!one11 Bling !! Or the beryl hackers at work. Hmmm food. They tried to kill us at google with a huge amount of great food. Fortunately all of us survived. BONOBO ! Our two hackers extraordinaire. The handsome Christian and the […]

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