Election Day

Today was election day in Belgium!E-voting

It turns out that my area uses the electronic voting, unfortunately

I can only hope that WYSIWYV !







3 responses to “Election Day”

  1. Simon van der Linden Avatar

    … and I heard this morning that in some areas, these machines were down because of disk failure, and waiting since hours for replacement disks to let the people vote ^^

  2. LordFarquaad Avatar

    Here in Saint-Marc (Namur) we are still using the good old paper method 🙂

    Notice that PS, CDH & ECOLO all said that they wanted to stop electronic voting, during Friday evening’s debate on La Une. MR said that this was to discuss, but a good solution would be that the machine prints a ticket that one has to put into the ballot box, so that manual count is still possible…

    However, it seems that Flemish parties are for electronic voting I think…

  3. Danilo Avatar

    It generally works fine, you should have only calibrated the touchscreen in advance, but I guess now’s too late—you voted for exactly who you did not want to vote for 😛