Ubuntu Developer Summit 2006 – Mountain View

I have some pictures of Mirco Müller which could be suitable for a new hackergotchi as he requested. If anyone wants to steal one one those and make him a great hackergotchi he will be very pleased !
I will leave the pictures for a month or so in this folder.

View the whole set on my flickr page





6 responses to “Ubuntu Developer Summit 2006 – Mountain View”

  1. Christian Kellner Avatar

    Nope, handsome Christian is totally right! ;-D

  2. MacSlow Avatar

    Great photos you shot, kikidonk! I wonder if/what new hackergotchi I might get.

    Best regards…


  3. diegoe Avatar

    You can tell Mirco to send his pic to hackergotchi _#at#_ gmail _#dooooot#_ com, he will receive one shortly after that.

    See ya on irc.

  4. Eric Avatar

    Nice pics. I must know what camera you are using they look great. 😀

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  6. Mary Avatar

    If you add “uds-mtv” to the tags your photos will show up at the link from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperSummitMountainView