Google Valid Email Search

October 6th, 2006

You are probably aware of the Google Code Search. It’s a very neat tool.

How hard is it to parse the 1000’s of valid emails appearing in the source code file ?

Do a code search for < .*@.*\..*>
Then use this shell script (Stupid wordpress do some funky escaping stuff with my html..)

Rinse and Repeat with page 2 of 4150000..

San Francisco !

September 29th, 2006

Dear readers,

If you happen to live in San Fransisco, I’d be thrilled if you could enlighten me about what are the great things to do there for 3 days. I can hire a car for one day or two if needed, but i have a student budget.

Even better, if you know places where I can sleep for cheap (still decent though), or you feel like hosting a poor gnome hacker for free, for 1 or more nights that would be really excellent !

If you’re a gnome hacker around the area and want to meet, that’s cool too ! I can use a guide 🙂

I will probably be there from 10th of October 2006 till 13th of October (that’s 3 nights)

You can contact me via the comments on this blog, or via mail: “raphael slinckx net” (hint: my domain name is

Thanks A LOT !

PS. I still need to blog about my ongoing Stockholm, Sweden Erasmus exchange, stay tuned !

Swedish sunset on a boat

Swedish sunset on from the boat back to Stockholm

Guadec, Gnome is People

July 2nd, 2006

Sometimes Guadec is serious stuff:

Daniel Holbach is the hyp0r:

John and the Google yoyo:

Desperate attempt at a hackergotchizable picture (if someone could make a new hackergotchi for J5 out of this one, i’m sure he would be glad !):

Jeff always making gestures when a camera is pointed at him

Davyd enjoy *so* much the party

Under that angle, Bastien looks scary:

Daniel is in da hood:

Mine is bigger than yours:

This man is a terrorist:

Luis and Bastien, is everything ok ?

Mr. Love ?

Daf loves KDE:

Aaron’s so popular that he needs to autograph drunk people’s neck:

Going back home, through barcelona:

Luis, see you on the other side

More pictures and embarrassment in my guadec 2006 flickr set

And of course thanks to everyone who was involved in the organisation of this guadec, the volunteers, Quim. This was such a crazy week !

Next year: Birmingham, UK, in case you didn’t hear it.

Where the f** is my badge ?!

June 27th, 2006

This is a public announcement: I hold Johan Dahlin’s badge as an hostage until i get my badge back. I heard he’s the one responsible for this masquarade, so I now is time for revenge. Whoever has my badge can try to reach me in UPC’s hall or in the Telepathy talk 🙂

Note to Davyd: Where are you ? Are you hiding from me ?

Guadec, or is it GUADEC?

June 25th, 2006


All these posts about Guadec are boring, here is one more !

The travel went smoothly, with planes on time. I met bkor, arturo, alejandro, and a bunch of other people i can’t remember the name at Barcelona, took the train (packed with St. Joan-party people). Of course there were very few taxis at that time, so i couldn’t make it to the party, but some other people never found the party too. I guess the whole town was the party.. Or some kind of Beirut under fire with all those fireworks and people screaming and running around.

First day was relax, got up late, took a bike ride to the university under a shiny sun. Met a nice bunch of people there too, it’s really nice to put a face on the IRC nicks or hackergotchis (which are completely out-of-date for most people, including me)

The night ended up in a little bar with a TV, with all the gnome-hackers to see the end of the Argentina-Mexico match. I’ll try to take some pictures when i have the chance.

One last thing: All the cool people have a 770, i feel old-school and depressed. Donations accepted.

Telepathy, cohoba

Just before the guadec kick-off Telepathy released a whole lot of cool stuff. Check it out.

You might also want to check the cohoba screenshots, i’m hoping to get it into good shape during this guadec along as “prettifying” it

Can you smell the Web 2.0 hype now ?

Guadec Foobar

June 19th, 2006

Guadec is starting soon, I’ll be landing at Barcelona at 21:05. For those interested, the ride in train to the GNOME village from the airport is described on this guadec page.

Sadly enough, there are no busses after 21:00 that go from the Vilanova Station to the GNOME Village (i don’t know the exact distance but it seems long to do by foot).

But there is still hope, and you can be part of it ! <crowd noise>

Quim Gil suggested the following. Since there is this Saint-John’s Night party (Fri, Jun 23 20:00 – Fri, Jun 23 23:00 according to the guadec schedule on google calendar) which takes place just 5 min away from the Vilanova train station, if I can find anyone who has a car, or some sort of transportation device with a trunk, there at the beach, to put my luggages while attending, i’d be saved !

Bonus point if a car can drive me back to the GNOME Village after the party.

Maybe this little arrangement can profit other people too, I see on the arrival times page that there are quite a lot of people arriving that night.

You can either contact me via the comments, the email (raphael slinckx net) or IRC (kikidonk).

Thanks !

Internet pour tous !

May 23rd, 2006
Internet pour tous

Je viens de recevoir un courrier de notre gouvernement fédéral, faisant la promotion de “L’internet pour tous”.

Moyennant une somme de 850€ maximum, le peuple peut acheter un “pack” comprenant un ordinateur, un abonnement adsl pour an, des logiciels, un lecteur de carte d’identité électronique ainsi qu’une formation de base. De plus, 21% de cette somme est déductible fiscalement, soit une réduction d’environ 170€. J’applaudis !

Mais quelque chose me chipote, je ne vois aucune offre linux parmi les packs proposés, quid ?

Peut-être est-ce le règlement de l’opération qui prévoit que le pack doive contenir au moins un logiciel anti-spam, un logiciel anti-spyware, un logiciel anti-virus et un firewall personnel. Depuis quand avons nous des spywares sous linux (je pense pouvoir affirmer qu’il n’existe même aucun programme anti-spyware) ?

Et voila notre penguin favori disqualifié de la course..


Voiture Volante

Peut-être cette voiture est-elle illégale, car elle ne dispose pas d’une roue de secours ?

Bug Fixing Attitude

April 9th, 2006

As Mikkel “Kamstrup” noted on his blog, bug hunting is all about attitude.

Here is mine:
Bug hunting attitude

Note how the photographer interrupted the bug-fixer, forcing him to simulate a smile.

Also note the reference manual in case the man pages are missing.

What’s your bug hunting attitude ?

Epiphany is hype, get over it

March 15th, 2006

Ploum writes about epiphany 2.14, and explain why it’s the best browser for gnome.

To make it short, here is a summary of the killer features in epiphany 2.14

  • Easy RSS subscription, integration with gnome programs (liferea, blam, straw)
  • “Tagged” Bookmarks management (very Web 2.0)
  • Adblock extension working out of the box
  • HIG and gnome integration everywhere
  • Simple and easy to understand preferences
  • Light and responsive
  • Very few popups, unobtrusive error pages are used instead

…but he missed the deskbar integration, which i will fix now:

  • Deskbar will index and allow to search through bookmarks
  • Deskbar will index and allow to search through your browsing history
  • Deskbar will allow you to quickly search using epiphany smart bookmarks
Epiphany smart bookmarks
This is my epiphany toolbar, i have three smart bookmarks, one to search for gnome bug number, another one to search stock quotes by ticker symbol, and the last one is search
Epiphany url bar
This is the epiphany dropdown when i stype somehting in epiphany URL bar, allowing me to use one of my smart bookmark with the query. Here i’m searching for a random bug number
Deskbar uses epiphany smart bookmarks
And finally, i can use deskbar, even if the browser isn’t running, a keyboard shortcut away, to use my smart bookmarks. Here i’m going to search for yahoo quotes for GOOG symbol. Also note how i have history pages, and bookmarks appearing too, allowing me to quickly open them.

There is also a way to associate a keyboard shortcut to search engines, and/or a ‘keyword’ in deskbar preferences:

Deskbar has shortcuts/keywords
In deskbar preferences, when you select ‘Web searches’, you can click the ‘More…’ button to get more smart bookmarks preferences.

As you can see, i have the ‘g’ letter for google, which means i can type in deskbar g test to search in google the term ‘test’.

Even better, i can directly use the shortcut to open the term in google without even selecting it in the list: I type ‘test’, then hit Alt-g, and it fires up a google search (this of course only works when you have a one-letter keyword)

This is also a feature we want to extend for every possible action in future versions of deskbar.

Now, use epiphany, and be happy !

One last thing…

And finally a quick tip: if you want to open a command-line program and see it’s output, type it’s name and instead of selecting it in the list, hit Alt-t, it will start the program and redirect it’s output in a text window using zenity, useful for example to see if the command executes successfully.

Deskbar open in terminal
After launching a sitecopy command with alt-t, i receive the output of the command in a nice window, useful for quick commands like that.

Deskbar/Beagle screencast and call for volunteers

March 15th, 2006

Deskbar and beagle screencast

Following up to my previous post, Bjørn Haagensen – a long time deskbar tester – has contributed a screencast of deskbar and beagle integration, this time in GIF (made with byzanz).

Warning: the screencast is eating all my RAM, so i can’t view it. I guess i can blame gecko for that.. YMMV

Call for volunteers

Someone recently asked in deskbar-applet-list if someone could help improve the mailman system they use at gnome.

I just recently joined the Gnome Moderator Team[1] which handles
moderation requests for all of the Gnome Projects mailing lists. As
most of you know, we use mailman to manage this, which is written in

We have had a nagging issue for sometime now, where each list that
needs an e-mail approved or denied must be visited and handled
individually. Not a big deal until a spammer hits every gnome mailing
list with a message that must be binned, and we are forced to login to
the same page and click the same 3 buttons a hundred times.

A ‘unified moderation panel’ has long been a wish of ours […]

You can find the full mail here. It’s a great way to get started in the gnome community, if you know python. GO !

Contact moderator gnome org is your contact to get started on this, specify the mail or something in the mail so they get what you are talking about. (And don’t forget to replace spaces with appropriate @ and .)