DBus Testing Framework

The aim of this framework is to provide an easy way to write linear test scripts involving dbus components. The script can emulate a service, or a client, or both. See also the companion tutorial

Deskbar Applet – A nifty commandline-like applet for Gnome

This Gnome panel allow one to launch many programs, and integrates deeply with the gnome desktop, allowing to launch web pages, open new emails to the contactlist, etc.

gShrooms and Nattraverso

Made during the Google’s Summer of Code 2005, gShrooms program allows to share your music, using IM for service discovery. Nattraverso is a companion library that is used to traverse UPnP-enabled home gateways.

Tomboy Reminder Plugin

This plugin for Tomboy lets you setup reminders in your note, and when the specified date arrives, shows a popup with the note content in the corner of the screen.

Entagged – A java music tagging library and program (with freedb support)


The tag Editor in Entagged

This is my first open-source project, hosted on It has evolved in a full-blown tag parsing library in java and c#, as well as a Java Swing interface for the library, supporting common operations and freedb queries.


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  2. Maksuti Avatar

    Hi Raphael, ich bin Ubuntu-Neuling und habe deinen Börsenticker installiert, Version 2.20.0. Leider zeigt es mir keine Kurse an unter 7.10 RC. Oh, da fällt mir gerade ein, vielleicht kannst du ja gar kein Deutsch…

    Ok, once more, this time in English. I am a Linux newbie using Ubuntu 7.10 release candidate and installed your Börsenticker 2.20.0 but cannot get any charts.

    Nevertheless I want to thank you for the idea and the time you spent on it and I hope it will work sooner or later.

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