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  • Enterprise Social Search slideshow

    Enterprise Social Search is a way to search, manage, and share information within a company. Who can help you find relevant information and nothing but relevant information? Your colleagues, of course | View | Upload your own Today we are launching at Whatever (the company I work for) a marketing campaign for our upcoming product: […]

  • git commit / darcs record

    I’ve been working wit git lately but I have also missed the darcs user interface. I honestly think the darcs user interface is the best I’ve ever seen, it’s such a joy to record/push/pull (when darcs doesn’t eat your cpu) 🙂 I looked at git add –interactive because it had hunk-based commit, a pre-requisite for […]

  • Megaphone Applet

    Today, I finished hacking together a ‘person’ applet, using – of course – Telepathy and the excellent Empathy’s libraries created by Xavier Claessens. While I’m at it, you can read more on telepathy and empathy in my GUADEC 2007 talk (also see my pictures on flickr). Here’s what it looks like: The right-hand panel contains […]

  • Let’s take pictures!

    This wednesday our local louvain-la-neuve LUG (louvain-li-nux) will participate to a student fair showcasing all activity groups present in the university. We had the idea of creating a photo booth stand where people can stop by take a picture by pressing a button and then send that picture on a dynamic website or on a […]

  • My Christmas present: Gossip Audio/Video

    Gossip has now video/audio capabilities ! Coming soon in your favorite distribution. Notes: In reality I’m handsome, the weird face is due to the camera’s angle The black square is actually the video preview frame where you see yourself (but it can’t be screenshotted) The meters aren’t working yet If no video is possible, then […]

  • Google Valid Email Search

    You are probably aware of the Google Code Search. It’s a very neat tool. How hard is it to parse the 1000’s of valid emails appearing in the source code file ? Do a code search for < .*@.*\..*> Then use this shell script (Stupid wordpress do some funky escaping stuff with my html..) Rinse […]

  • Bug Fixing Attitude

    As Mikkel “Kamstrup” noted on his blog, bug hunting is all about attitude. Here is mine: Note how the photographer interrupted the bug-fixer, forcing him to simulate a smile. Also note the reference manual in case the man pages are missing. What’s your bug hunting attitude ?

  • Epiphany is hype, get over it

    Ploum writes about epiphany 2.14, and explain why it’s the best browser for gnome. To make it short, here is a summary of the killer features in epiphany 2.14 Easy RSS subscription, integration with gnome programs (liferea, blam, straw) “Tagged” Bookmarks management (very Web 2.0) Adblock extension working out of the box HIG and gnome […]

  • Deskbar/Beagle screencast and call for volunteers

    Deskbar and beagle screencast Following up to my previous post, Bjørn Haagensen – a long time deskbar tester – has contributed a screencast of deskbar and beagle integration, this time in GIF (made with byzanz). Warning: the screencast is eating all my RAM, so i can’t view it. I guess i can blame gecko for […]

  • Deskbar 2.14

    There it is, we finally released the final 2.14 version of deskbar for the general audience ! Nigel made an excellent comment and a screencast (flash) (mirror) showcasing some current deskbar capabilities. I’m glad to see that the gnome community is loving it, and using it ! THANKS !