Deskbar 2.14

There it is, we finally released the final 2.14 version of deskbar for the general audience !

Nigel made an excellent comment and a screencast (flash) (mirror) showcasing some current deskbar capabilities.

I’m glad to see that the gnome community is loving it, and using it !


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2 Responses to “Deskbar 2.14”

  1. Mike Hearn says:

    My first thought is “Sweet!”

    My second thought is, “Wow, how can his computer load all that stuff and yet still be fast?”

    My third thought is, “I really need to upgrade my computer :(“

  2. Rui Matos says:

    It’s great! Thanks to everyone involved.

    It’s a pitty that it uses so much memory though: mine is using 42m RSS right now :-/