Bug Fixing Attitude

As Mikkel “Kamstrup” noted on his blog, bug hunting is all about attitude.

Here is mine:
Bug hunting attitude

Note how the photographer interrupted the bug-fixer, forcing him to simulate a smile.

Also note the reference manual in case the man pages are missing.

What’s your bug hunting attitude ?

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6 Responses to “Bug Fixing Attitude”

  1. Ploum says:

    Cute & Sail !

  2. And it looks like Gnome could do with some bug fixing 🙁

    See http://scan.coverity.com/

    Defects / 1000 lines of code: 2.824
    Current # Defects: 1529

    I am a happy Gnome user, and I hope somebody with the the skills (and attitude) will bring that number down 🙂



  3. kamstrup says:

    Hehe 🙂 Is that you submitting your first patch to Emacs-0.1?

  4. zefredz says:

    Is this computer a CPC 464 ?

  5. Happily it seems like there was some defect in the Coverity scan April 10th – now the stats are much better (the total number of code lines was wrong too):

    Defects / 1000 lines of code: 0.252
    Current # Defects: 810