Guadec, Gnome is People

Sometimes Guadec is serious stuff:

Daniel Holbach is the hyp0r:

John and the Google yoyo:

Desperate attempt at a hackergotchizable picture (if someone could make a new hackergotchi for J5 out of this one, i’m sure he would be glad !):

Jeff always making gestures when a camera is pointed at him

Davyd enjoy *so* much the party

Under that angle, Bastien looks scary:

Daniel is in da hood:

Mine is bigger than yours:

This man is a terrorist:

Luis and Bastien, is everything ok ?

Mr. Love ?

Daf loves KDE:

Aaron’s so popular that he needs to autograph drunk people’s neck:

Going back home, through barcelona:

Luis, see you on the other side

More pictures and embarrassment in my guadec 2006 flickr set

And of course thanks to everyone who was involved in the organisation of this guadec, the volunteers, Quim. This was such a crazy week !

Next year: Birmingham, UK, in case you didn’t hear it.






4 responses to “Guadec, Gnome is People”

  1. Movie Quote Avatar

    GNOME is people!!!!, It’s PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEOPLE!!!

  2. Alex Jones Avatar

    Haha, I love KDE!

  3. Bob Avatar

    i hate the term hackergotchi it sucks

  4. Mario Avatar


    if you want any help with Cohoba, I’ll be more then glad to help.
    Poke my by mail.

    Kind regards