Deskbar/Beagle screencast and call for volunteers

Deskbar and beagle screencast

Following up to my previous post, Bjørn Haagensen – a long time deskbar tester – has contributed a screencast of deskbar and beagle integration, this time in GIF (made with byzanz).

Warning: the screencast is eating all my RAM, so i can’t view it. I guess i can blame gecko for that.. YMMV

Call for volunteers

Someone recently asked in deskbar-applet-list if someone could help improve the mailman system they use at gnome.

I just recently joined the Gnome Moderator Team[1] which handles
moderation requests for all of the Gnome Projects mailing lists. As
most of you know, we use mailman to manage this, which is written in

We have had a nagging issue for sometime now, where each list that
needs an e-mail approved or denied must be visited and handled
individually. Not a big deal until a spammer hits every gnome mailing
list with a message that must be binned, and we are forced to login to
the same page and click the same 3 buttons a hundred times.

A ‘unified moderation panel’ has long been a wish of ours […]

You can find the full mail here. It’s a great way to get started in the gnome community, if you know python. GO !

Contact moderator gnome org is your contact to get started on this, specify the mail or something in the mail so they get what you are talking about. (And don’t forget to replace spaces with appropriate @ and .)






5 responses to “Deskbar/Beagle screencast and call for volunteers”

  1. maro Avatar

    FWIW, it also manages to crash konqueror on my 1 GB RAM system…

  2. drew Avatar

    Nautilus too. It seems to defeat the thumbnailers. I wonder why…

    The OOM Killer is somewhat handy here but I’ve install htop now so I can jump to a VT, sort by memory usage and kill! kill! kill! before the system is too unresponsive (I’m considering starting it on boot in its own VT). Be nice if SysRq had an option to trip the OOMK (ie: kill the largest process) on demand.

    I feel ashamed I just typed the above. So much for Just Work.

  3. László Monda Avatar

    Please, anyone reading this, *do not* make screencasts that are anything big in GIF. This is horrible, it almost crashed my system (which is not a crappy box)!

    Use vnc2swf for web screencasts.

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    I thank you and Bjørn very much for supplying a screencast of deskbar which I can actually play. It seems to work fine here in Firefox; no memory issues. Deskbar looks most excellent.

  5. Masen Avatar

    crap! why the hell does nautilus crashes, and freezes when I open my home dir?? ( it’s where I saved the GIF) grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    I had to restart my computer twice! yeah restart, killing X didn’t do it :/

    I hate GIF, and SWF files 😛