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Deskbar/Beagle screencast and call for volunteers

Wednesday, March 15th, 2006

Deskbar and beagle screencast

Following up to my previous post, Bjørn Haagensen – a long time deskbar tester – has contributed a screencast of deskbar and beagle integration, this time in GIF (made with byzanz).

Warning: the screencast is eating all my RAM, so i can’t view it. I guess i can blame gecko for that.. YMMV

Call for volunteers

Someone recently asked in deskbar-applet-list if someone could help improve the mailman system they use at gnome.

I just recently joined the Gnome Moderator Team[1] which handles
moderation requests for all of the Gnome Projects mailing lists. As
most of you know, we use mailman to manage this, which is written in

We have had a nagging issue for sometime now, where each list that
needs an e-mail approved or denied must be visited and handled
individually. Not a big deal until a spammer hits every gnome mailing
list with a message that must be binned, and we are forced to login to
the same page and click the same 3 buttons a hundred times.

A ‘unified moderation panel’ has long been a wish of ours […]

You can find the full mail here. It’s a great way to get started in the gnome community, if you know python. GO !

Contact moderator gnome org is your contact to get started on this, specify the mail or something in the mail so they get what you are talking about. (And don’t forget to replace spaces with appropriate @ and .)

More on beagle

Saturday, February 12th, 2005

After posting the other day patch, and a little discussion on the beagle irc channel, I added support to use multiple values for a single property in beagle. That means in my particular case, the ability to add several artists with the keyword artist and also for any other thing like that. I know that this feature is not very widely used, especially in music files, but the possibility exists, and should be used 🙂

That also means introducing a way to display all these infos in the Best tiles, so I added a special statement in the tiles source html tht allows to build values in an “iterative” fashion.

More info on this on the beagle bugzilla