Google Valid Email Search

You are probably aware of the Google Code Search. It’s a very neat tool.

How hard is it to parse the 1000’s of valid emails appearing in the source code file ?

Do a code search for < .*@.*\..*>
Then use this shell script (Stupid wordpress do some funky escaping stuff with my html..)

Rinse and Repeat with page 2 of 4150000..







17 responses to “Google Valid Email Search”

  1. Philip Van Hoof Avatar

    that’s just great. google, please consider hiding our e-mail addresses?!

  2. Diego Escalante Urrelo Avatar


    That’s what you get for contributing to free software!!


  3. Steven Barr Avatar
    Steven Barr

    The time of hiding email addresses is over – the time of filtering spam has come. Just accept it.

  4. Philip Luppens Avatar

    As soon as there’s a publicly accessible (webbased) repository browser, it’ll be found by email harvesters anyway. That’s why, when committing code, you should apply some obfuscation to your emailaddress ..

  5. bisho Avatar

    Just search in google:
    * AT * DOT *
    and get aprox 69.600.000 results XDDD

    Then just replace /\s*AT\s*/@/ig /\s*DOT\s*/./ig /\s*SLASH\s*/@/ig /NOSPAM//ig /REMOVETHIS//ig …

    You can also search other variations of the same trick, like using (AT) (DOT).

  6. michael schurter Avatar

    I agree with Steven Barr. They already have our addresses, so this is nothing new.

    However, if someone can dump the e-mails we could generate lots of meaningful statistics about the FOSS community: how many unique contributors, how many contributors per project, what organizations devote the most employees toward FOSS, etc.

    I don’t know… maybe the statistics aren’t that cool, but it seems interesting to me.

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  8. haha Avatar

    google, bet ur getting a lot of nigerian traffic right now 🙂

  9. Jathrop Avatar

    Ok, so I’ve entered your string in 3 times in the google search and it doesn’t match any results. The first part works to get you to the code search. Am I doing something wrong here, or is it in need of a fixin’?

  10. None Avatar

    Jathrop try opening this link:*%40.*%5C..*%3E&btnG=Search

    this is the google CODE search he is talking about.
    You have to look closer next time…

  11. None Avatar

    But I have a better idea (sorry for spammming)
    Instead of using search like yours (generating 21million results), You can simply remove the last character of your search “>” and generate 48 million. That is almost double. here is a text copy and paste it to see the difference

    Your Method:*%40.*%5C..*%3E&sbtn=Search

    My Method:*%40.*%5C..*&sbtn=Search

  12. nigerian Avatar

    @ haha

    ‘google, bet ur getting a lot of nigerian traffic right now ‘

    very funny!

  13. jjray Avatar

    Nice idea None but I think it works better, should one be into the harvesting game, to just use known email address hosting companies in the google search term–

    That one gives you 638,000 responses. The same can be done for @yahoo and @aol and @hotmail, etc.

  14. sandrar Avatar

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  15. suzanne Avatar

    hey- i just want a name to go along with an email address i found in my address book just now. it’s odd. ive never seen it before. where can i get a real email look up that’s correct and free? what about on my computer? i tried google desk top search but it gave nothing to say there was anything from my pc with the email address attached going out. as you can see i’m not educated in computers. I just don’t have that kind of time to devote to it. so i ask for your help. thank you so much, CA computer dunce.

  16. capa Avatar

    Hello i dont underst the whole stuff here, maybe its because the link to the shell script is not working
    any help