Guadec, or is it GUADEC?


All these posts about Guadec are boring, here is one more !

The travel went smoothly, with planes on time. I met bkor, arturo, alejandro, and a bunch of other people i can’t remember the name at Barcelona, took the train (packed with St. Joan-party people). Of course there were very few taxis at that time, so i couldn’t make it to the party, but some other people never found the party too. I guess the whole town was the party.. Or some kind of Beirut under fire with all those fireworks and people screaming and running around.

First day was relax, got up late, took a bike ride to the university under a shiny sun. Met a nice bunch of people there too, it’s really nice to put a face on the IRC nicks or hackergotchis (which are completely out-of-date for most people, including me)

The night ended up in a little bar with a TV, with all the gnome-hackers to see the end of the Argentina-Mexico match. I’ll try to take some pictures when i have the chance.

One last thing: All the cool people have a 770, i feel old-school and depressed. Donations accepted.

Telepathy, cohoba

Just before the guadec kick-off Telepathy released a whole lot of cool stuff. Check it out.

You might also want to check the cohoba screenshots, i’m hoping to get it into good shape during this guadec along as “prettifying” it

Can you smell the Web 2.0 hype now ?





5 responses to “Guadec, or is it GUADEC?”

  1. Sander van Loon Avatar
    Sander van Loon

    It took some time for me to figure out what this is about, because you haven’t explained what Cohoba actually is – which is a bit strange because this is your first blog post concerning Cohoba if I’m correct.

    From what I understand from the Telepathy website, Cohoba is a client for the Telepathy framework, a.k.a. it’s an instant messaging application? This surely is a fascinating development, aiming for a high level of integration of a lot of forms of instant messaging. What will become of this project and what are it’s goals, will Cohoba be a competitor to Gaim? If so, that would be a good thing because the Gaim development seems to be lagging behind, GNOME could really use an instant messaging application and Telepathy/Galago which provides the integration with the rest of GNOME, which Gaim lacks. Is the aim of Cohoba to become the default instant messaging application of GNOME? The necessity for instant messaging nowadays would justify such an inclusion.

  2. Sander van Loon Avatar
    Sander van Loon

    One more question, how are Telepathy and Loudmouth – – related? If Loudmouth and Telepathy are both trying to accomplish similar goals, why aren’t they cooperating??

  3. Raphaël Slinckx Avatar

    Cohoba is nothing more than a prototype/alpha stage software. I hope it will evolve in being a eprfectly usable client for gnome. It is in some way a competito of gaim.

    telepathy uses loudmouth for the jabber backend. Gossip (the integrated gnome client for jabber) is probably going to change from using libloudmouth and use telepathy directly.

  4. Cédric Verbruggen Avatar
    Cédric Verbruggen

    It is more a competitor of Ekiga actually.

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