Guadec Foobar

Guadec is starting soon, I’ll be landing at Barcelona at 21:05. For those interested, the ride in train to the GNOME village from the airport is described on this guadec page.

Sadly enough, there are no busses after 21:00 that go from the Vilanova Station to the GNOME Village (i don’t know the exact distance but it seems long to do by foot).

But there is still hope, and you can be part of it ! <crowd noise>

Quim Gil suggested the following. Since there is this Saint-John’s Night party (Fri, Jun 23 20:00 – Fri, Jun 23 23:00 according to the guadec schedule on google calendar) which takes place just 5 min away from the Vilanova train station, if I can find anyone who has a car, or some sort of transportation device with a trunk, there at the beach, to put my luggages while attending, i’d be saved !

Bonus point if a car can drive me back to the GNOME Village after the party.

Maybe this little arrangement can profit other people too, I see on the arrival times page that there are quite a lot of people arriving that night.

You can either contact me via the comments, the email (raphael slinckx net) or IRC (kikidonk).

Thanks !






6 responses to “Guadec Foobar”

  1. Simos Avatar

    This arrangement could fit my schedule as well.

    I arrive at Reus at 21:50 (23rd June) which could be more or less the same time we both reach Villanova. I am looking for my transportation options to get from Reus airport to Villanova.

  2. Arturo Gonzalez Ferrer Avatar

    It could fit me too. I’m arriving at 20.55 at BCN airport. An option would be:

    – Leave luggage at the villanova station if there are some kind of store for it.
    – Go to the party.
    – Come back to the station for the luggage.
    – Get a taxi (4 persons) to GNOME Village.

    Precondition: The villanova station must have place for keeping luggage :-).

  3. Raphaël Slinckx Avatar

    Yeah, anyone knows where we could find that information ?

  4. Arturo González Avatar

    Hi again,

    I’ve talked with Vilanova Tourism Office by phone, and unfortunately they told me that there are no way to store luggage at rail station… 🙁

    They also told me that a taxi from Vilanova Rail Station to Gnome Village will cost 9 eur aprox.


  5. Simos Avatar

    I will not be able to make it to share storage at Vilanova train station. Reus airport is as far to Vilanova as Barcelona airport is. I am struggling to find people to share a taxi [Reus, Friday evening, 23rd June] 🙂

  6. Raphaël Slinckx Avatar

    Simos: yes reus is quite far 🙂

    Arturo: The price for the taxi isn’t a big problem i guess. The problem is that if we take the taxi we can’t make it to the party (after depositing our stuff at gnome village). So i’d rather find something like i described..