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More on beagle

Saturday, February 12th, 2005

After posting the other day patch, and a little discussion on the beagle irc channel, I added support to use multiple values for a single property in beagle. That means in my particular case, the ability to add several artists with the keyword artist and also for any other thing like that. I know that this feature is not very widely used, especially in music files, but the possibility exists, and should be used 🙂

That also means introducing a way to display all these infos in the Best tiles, so I added a special statement in the tiles source html tht allows to build values in an “iterative” fashion.

More info on this on the beagle bugzilla

Entagged ported to c-sharp

Tuesday, February 8th, 2005

I finally managed to port my entagged java library to read/write tags in audio files to c-sharp (mono and .net).

For the moment only the reading operations are supported but writing is on its way. No official releases yet, but already in the sourceforge cvs with module entagged-sharp (see page about it). An official release will happen with next entagged release, maybe this month.

I also sent the lib to the beagle project, to replace the old version of it, it should be accepted soon, yay !