Entagged ported to c-sharp

I finally managed to port my entagged java library to read/write tags in audio files to c-sharp (mono and .net).

For the moment only the reading operations are supported but writing is on its way. No official releases yet, but already in the sourceforge cvs with module entagged-sharp (see SF.net page about it). An official release will happen with next entagged release, maybe this month.

I also sent the lib to the beagle project, to replace the old version of it, it should be accepted soon, yay !






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  1. […] As far as I know Entagged, written by Raphaël Slinckx is the most advanced audio tag handling library that exists today. It started out as tag editor, but its library became very powerful. Initially it was written in Java, but its author later ported it to C# which became entagged-sharp and eventually it had made its way into Beagle. Unfortunately entagged-sharp currently doesn’t support tag writing as entagged does, it only supports tag reading, but it’s still very usable in this early stage anyway. […]