BreakMyGentoo, Nattraverso

BreakMyGentoo is back

You did miss the sleepless nights when you couldn’t do anything else than b0rking your system ? Be happy, is back !

I have become a co-maintainer there, so i will provide some help and ebuilds, starting with the gnome 2.11 beta ebuilds, and some more mono related stuff. The overlay is not quite ready yet, but we are testing each ebuild for dependencies and things like that.


This is the first product for the summer of code, an UPNP-NAT-traversal library, in python. I’m using it in my streamer, and i’m sure it could benefit other gnome applications since twisted has a gtk event loop, beside other type of loops. As i said before i’m not taking full credit for this, i borrowed code from Shtoom, but that’s open-source 🙂

I put up a page on this site, where you can download the package and see examples, there is also a full documentation in the package itself, generated with epydoc, because documenting code is Good.

I need feedback, cause i just tested it with my device, i need to see how much of the code works everywhere, and which parts need to be generalized, cause XML and SOAP sucks. Can you run the examples in the package and send me the debug log, if the thing didn’t work, so i have a trace of the xml exchanges, that would be great !

2 Responses to “BreakMyGentoo, Nattraverso”

  1. Mystilleef says:

    Yay, for breakmygentoo. w00t

  2. candrews says:

    How about adding a mozilla firefox “Deer Park” ebuild to your overlay? That would be really great… Here’s a link to the gentoo forums with a possible start:
    It appears that a gentoo dev is already working on it, but I think this is something that’s REALLY BMG worthy.