Nautilus, part 2

So i made a little progress, now the files being downloaded have an emblem progressively filling up. I made a movie of that, it’s a bit wacky and not fluid, but i don’t know how to do properly (format ogg/theora, 1280×800 so you may need to resize it a bit). It’s buggy (notice i don’t close any window 😉 ) and the code is really hacked-in but this is a proof of concept.

8 Responses to “Nautilus, part 2”

  1. Ed Mack says:

    This is very cool – are there any future provisions for the status bar information to be avilable when downloading to the desktop (the firefox model that works surprisingly well)? I love the idea of emblems to show download status.

  2. kikidonk says:

    I don’t know how that particular case would be handled.. i guess only the emblems would be shown..

  3. J.B. Nicholson-Owens says:

    First, thanks for working on this. This looks very interesting.

    Perhaps this is something that should happen whenever a file is being added to a folder being viewed by Nautilus — not just downloading with Epiphany, but copying/moving other things into a folder. It would be neat to see this work with any download of a file with any program, not just Epiphany, but I think I understand why this would be impossible to implement — dumping files into folders tells Nautilus nothing about how many things there are arriving in the folder nor how big each thing is, hence no nifty Nautilus progress bar.

    I must say that I wouldn’t miss the non-minimizable progress window indicating copy progress if it went away in favor of something like this. Job windows like we have now don’t scale up (10 windows for 10 copy jobs, ugh) and because most of the time I’m just interested in the total time until completion for all of the jobs in a folder.

  4. Ploum says:

    It’s just wonderful ! Great idea 🙂

    Can you also tell to Nautilus to NOT try to preview a file being downloaded ? It’s really boring !

  5. Jon says:

    Looks great I must say, maybe on the progress bar it should have a it in MB or KB (depending on the size of the files downloading) instead of just one long number, make it look simpler and most understandble, the number could be anything to a novice user, they may not think its the size

  6. Diego says:

    Hi Raphael.

    You could be show the part of source code that change emblem ? I tried to modify the metafile but I don’t have success. I Searched this in google but I don’t found. Nothing. I’m a newbie in python, dbus, etc, and I need help with this.

    Sorry for my bad english.

    Thanks a lot.


  7. Philip Ganchev says:

    In some ways this is better than the copy/mv/rm progress windows which Nautilus currently uses, because there is a window for each job, which results in too many windows. But there is still a need to view more details about in-progress and completed download/copy/moves, including possible errors. And it would be great if there was one place for all such tasks.

    Perhaps it can be implemented as a Nautilus location protocol. You type “tasks:” in the location bar (or select “Tasks” from the Go menu), and see the icons representing all download/mv/cp/rm jobs.

  8. regnarg says:

    Is the code published anywhere? I would be _very_ interested in that…