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Gedit development

Wednesday, June 15th, 2005

Gedit is the gnome text editor, you all know that, i thought i might post some screenies of the latest interface improvements (i just make PR for them, i didn’t really work on it)

Find interface

Here you have on the left, the new find/replace sidebar, allowing a far better search experience than the crappy over-the-top dialog. You can also see the context menu with interesting undo/redo labels, see next screenshot.

Edit menu, undo/redo improvements

Again, the edit menu, showing the undo/redo items, like gnumeric and i suppose other applications, it shows a more comprehensible label than just “Undo” or “Redo”, that’s what i’m working on for the moment, you can follow it in this bugzilla bug, it is implemented in gtksourceview, so anyone using it should be able to have such menu items in his own app.

Unreadable file error

Finally, they are struggling to get rid of all annoying popup messages, this is what happens when an unreadable file is opened. The print preview will also show up in the same tab as the text it previews, much more clear, unfortunatley it appears to be broken right now…