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Deskbar and leaftag, last-exit

Monday, March 6th, 2006

Desktop 2.0

Just because the blog writer is open i feel the need to post a screenshot of deskbar working with leaftag (it’s all betaware, but.. it r0cks !)

Choose a file
Choose one or more files, right-click and Tag
Enter the tags
Enter the tags with an Ãœber cool dialog
Enters Deskbar
Summon deskbar enter a tag, and voila ! Desktop 2.0 at your fingertips

Last exit

last-exit is a gtk implementation of the (‘social’ music streaming, gotta hate these web 2.0 buzzwords) client. Needless to say it rocks. Hard.

If you feel the need to save the song you’re currently listening on, you can use a secret patch (ask for it in IRC) that allows to dump the stream and nicely save the playing song when it has finished streaming under a given directory/artist - album - track.mp3

Last-exit player
Last exit player window. with play/pause button, like/dislike, Tag this song, Journal this song, the song metadata, and a save button which does the saving voodoo.

Please note that 0.2 version might not work with recent gstreamers for unclear reasons, the bug has been filed in bugzilla.

Epiphany URL entry in monospace

Wednesday, March 1st, 2006

This is a nice trick i didn’t know about. If you ever wanted to have a monospaced font for your location entry in epiphany (it works with galeon too), because monospace is nice, and easier to correct, and you can spot errors, here is how:

Monospace font in the entry

Put this in a file called ~/.gnome2/epiphanyrc:

style "mono" { font_name = "Bitstream Vera Sans Mono" }
widget_class "*.EphyLocationEntry.*" style "mono"

You can of course tweak the font settings if you want, say, Comic Sans MS 🙂



Friday, February 24th, 2006

A quick note to let you know i’ll be present at the FOSDEM this weekend, and i hope to see some gnome heads there, page about the Brussels event has a great talks schedule and some people coming there, nice !

I’ll be present at the Ubuntu-be meeting, to hear Ploum’s speech… If you are belgian and interested in the initiative, feel free to join !

J’espère aussi que Louvain-li-nux sera dignement representé et qu’on pourra se rencontrer là-bas 😉