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San Francisco !

Friday, September 29th, 2006

Dear readers,

If you happen to live in San Fransisco, I’d be thrilled if you could enlighten me about what are the great things to do there for 3 days. I can hire a car for one day or two if needed, but i have a student budget.

Even better, if you know places where I can sleep for cheap (still decent though), or you feel like hosting a poor gnome hacker for free, for 1 or more nights that would be really excellent !

If you’re a gnome hacker around the area and want to meet, that’s cool too ! I can use a guide 🙂

I will probably be there from 10th of October 2006 till 13th of October (that’s 3 nights)

You can contact me via the comments on this blog, or via mail: “raphael slinckx net” (hint: my domain name is

Thanks A LOT !

PS. I still need to blog about my ongoing Stockholm, Sweden Erasmus exchange, stay tuned !

Swedish sunset on a boat

Swedish sunset on from the boat back to Stockholm