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Friday, February 24th, 2006

A quick note to let you know i’ll be present at the FOSDEM this weekend, and i hope to see some gnome heads there, page about the Brussels event has a great talks schedule and some people coming there, nice !

I’ll be present at the Ubuntu-be meeting, to hear Ploum’s speech… If you are belgian and interested in the initiative, feel free to join !

J’espère aussi que Louvain-li-nux sera dignement representé et qu’on pourra se rencontrer là-bas 😉

Deskbar 2.13.9x series and invest-applet

Saturday, February 4th, 2006

Deskbar Beta

A little update on the deskbar-story. We managed to introduce the incredible new UI in the beta releases of deskbar (2.13.9x series).

This was thanks to the hard work of Mikkel Kamstrup, and the moral support of Nigel Tao.

They both have nice juicy screenshots and screencasts made with the 1337 tool byzanz. They also presents the new icon, with even more Tango love..

Here are new ones just for you !

Beagle matches
Beagle returned some matches
Beagle snippets
Note the snippets now returned by beagle

As always, the more we receive feedback in the bugzilla, the more deskbar will be rocking at the official gnome release.

We also need feedback about the new UI, could it be enabled by default, good/bad points, etc. Come and discusson IRC (#deskbar on gimpnet) or the mailing-list.

Invest Applet

I have made very small changes, cleaned up the code, and removed useless stuff. I doesn’t have any new features..