gShrooms Music Sharing


  • 2005/10/09: Removed the gstreamer patch dependency, it will be merged in gstreamer-0.9, so for 0.8 we’ll be using regular tcp sockets.

Get It !

Download the files below and follow the instructions from the README file:

You can follow the bug 314955 and bug 314624 for respectively, rhythmbox patch, and gstreamer patch progress (not needed anymore).

I have been getting some coverage in Gnome Journal about the SoC and gshrooms in particular, very nice reading, check it out !

Check out the screenshots to understand what it is all about…


Read the README file for more information about building and testing gshrooms



Rhythmbox source

The Rhythmbox view, showing the new source of music

Gaim Conversation

The Gaim conversation window when a new audio stream is discovered


The Gaim Plugin preferences


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