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My Christmas present: Gossip Audio/Video

Sunday, December 24th, 2006

Gossip has now video/audio capabilities !

Coming soon in your favorite distribution. Notes:

  • In reality I’m handsome, the weird face is due to the camera’s angle
  • The black square is actually the video preview frame where you see yourself (but it can’t be screenshotted)
  • The meters aren’t working yet
  • If no video is possible, then only the button+status and the meters are shown in the window
  • All this is powered by Telepathy and the telepathy branch of Gossip
  • I’m not alone on this stuff, many thanks to Xavier Claessens and Eitan Isaacson for maintaining the telepathy branch!
  • This stuff is experimental, blabla, and also it’s not a final design, it’s open for discussion, etc
  • Come and help/discuss on #telepathy on Freenode or #gossip on Gimpnet

You can get the code using darcs get

Merry Christmas and Hapy New Year !

Scandinavia ♥ Tux

Friday, December 15th, 2006
Scandinavia ♥ Tux

Tivoli, Copenhagen