gShrooms, end of the summer

Some more screenshots:

Rhythmbox source
Colin is streaming music, and jack is his friend.

Jack is receiving the music. The screenshot shows what Jack would see in his own rhythmbox, because he has 4 friends that are currently streaming music, one of them is Colin, he is playing Liquid Scarlet.

Gaim conversation
Here is jack’s conversation window to Colin . Colin has discovered a new album, and tells jack to listen to it, Jack then see the Listen button appearing in the conversation, and also see what colin is playing and is invited to listen to it.

Clicking the button makes rhythmbox play the buddy’s stream automatically (and launches rhythmbox if it wasn’t)

Gaim plugin
Colin has nothing particular to do, he has just to activate the plugin in Gaim, and set the preferences according to his internet connection.

And finally, something i’m proud of, a IRS tax TShirt, that was worth the whole summer:
Me, and the IRS

And a little update for the pastebin script, it now supports http proxies, removes twisted dependency, and allows to select line ranges with the -l x,y switch. Thanks to Gustavo “gjc” 🙂

6 Responses to “gShrooms, end of the summer”

  1. Jon Wood says:

    Wow – that’s some really cool stuff, I was blown away by it when I thought it was a mockup. When I took a look around and found out this stuff is for real I was amazed!

    Thanks for the work!

  2. JrezIN says:

    great work!

    gShrooms Gaim only or could this be cross IMs/plataform? Is it protocol dependent? requeres direct connection for the playing announce exchange or it’s encapsuled in instant messages somehow? (ie, like Janus: )

  3. Nice work. Although you might want to swap the sound source and sound format controls in the UI (see the screenshot to see what I mean)

  4. kikidonk says:

    It is just some preformatted messages sent over any protocol. The gaim plugin is just a dbus client with some gaim-specific things, but you can easily adapt it to any other client suporting extensions.

    I’ll swap the source/format thanks !

  5. hub says:

    Apparently WordPress RSS strip down a lot of information as the pictures are we oversized on planet gnome…. possibly due to CSS abuse.

    1024×768 that’s huge….

  6. lphlnWFC says:

    Hmm maybe maybe. Aber was ist das?