Epiphany Auto-Reload extension

A little new extension between two exams to study 🙂

This one reloads a tab periodically, for the moment every 60 seconds, but it already has the code to adapt itself to page changes:

  • When the page has changed since the last update, reload the page in half the time as before
  • When the page hasn’t changed, reload the page in last reload time + 60 seconds

This isn’t very “smart” but still somehow adapts itself into the page reload rate.

The real problem is to detect when the page changes, there is no easy way, so it will wait a bit.

4 Responses to “Epiphany Auto-Reload extension”

  1. Anonymous says:

    make it exponential falloff like in TCP

  2. Colin says:

    If I’m not mistaken, if the page changes every time your extension reloads it (think text counter for example), you’ll soon start to hammer on it quite heavily. So don’t forget to throw in a limit in the “half the time as before”…

  3. Bonifacius says:

    Great article. I am just sad I dont know how to reply properly, though, since I want to show my appreciation like many other.

  4. Dieter Demerre says:

    Nice extension, even though it would just be simple to – for certain sites/tabs/whatever – allow the user to determine/adapt/influence this timeout.